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logo The logo of Kingston High portrays the golden silhouette of the Lion with a crown on its head. The crown is a reiteration of the fact that the Lion we exhibit is not just the king of the jungle, which symbolizes authority, strength, or dominance, but represents Jesus, the Lion of Judah, and the King of Kings. The Lion symbolizes Jesus, the Conqueror, and the victorious King. He conquered death and rose victorious, and would soon return as the King of Kings.

Lion is the symbol of courage and personal strength, and power. The lion is associated chiefly with courage and representation of our emotional strength and power. The Lion is known to be the most persistent fighter in the face of obstacles and life challenges. Kingston High equips children for life and endeavours to imbue skills that will support them to be prepared for all challenges.

Lions are born to lead and have very ironic characteristics – brave yet protective; willing to fight but not fighters; brave enough to dare but wise enough to ignore light-hearted challenges; team players with an identity of their own.

We desire that all Kingston High students embrace the characteristics of Jesus, the Lion of Judah, and nurture thinking leaders who are empathetic, caring, and self-determined.

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Toddlers’ Zone Pre school is a Feeder School to Kingston High.