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From the Director’s Desk
There cannot be a greater way that I believe that I could contribute to impacting our students' lives and genuinely reaching the heart. No better legacy that I could imagine I could leave behind.
It's my great pleasure to be a part of Kingston High as its Director. It has taken years for a little dream of starting a school to materialise and take shape to what it is today finally. It is truly God's hand that was upon this vision. Today Kingston High stands as a testimony for what the Lord has done.
My dream is to see our children grow in wisdom and stature and favour of God and all the people. We believe in nurturing our children in true values, trust, integrity, love, empathy, and service that would transcend into the minds of our children.

From the Academic Director’s Desk
Kingston High is a passion-driven school. We believe “At Kingston High, every child matters, and every experience counts.”
Over the years in the stream of education, I have found myself being a part of the beautiful journey of the students and have cherished my contribution in nurturing young learners and being a part of shaping their future.
Every child is blessed with different talents, and no two children are the same. It is the exposure that we give to our children at home and at school that provides them with the opportunity to explore and develop their skills.
We endeavour to make this school a place where every child feels safe, secure, loved, and respected.
Children are precious, and I am grateful to God for choosing me to be a part of His great plan.

kingston high

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Toddlers’ Zone Pre school is a Feeder School to Kingston High.