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Welcome to Kingston High, Bengaluru North.


Kingston High began in 2013, with preschoolers to Grade 4, with the desire to provide a learning environment that will best suit the 21st-century learners. We started the school with the strong drive to have a vibrant learning community, at the heart of which are the students. We continue to believe that every child should be allowed to learn, and the school must be a place where we celebrate each success and where every challenge has a scaffold.


Over the last eight years since the inception of the school, we have come a long way, including the school's affiliation to the ICSE Board of Examinations. We pride ourselves on being a school that teaches every child rather than teaching the subject. We believe that the classrooms must make provision for different ability levels, skills, and learning styles and hence lay a strong focus on differentiated instructions, activity-based learning, and hands-on learning that supports an enduring understanding of the learned concepts.


We have evolved our learning and teaching over the past years, and it is of vital importance for us to track every child's progress and attainment levels to ensure that no child is left behind. We also make provisions to assess our children through various assessment tools and strategies and thereby give a plethora of opportunities for our learners to showcase their learning. Today we can confidently say that we are on the road to provide pedagogical practices commonly seen in the best of international schools in the country, if not globally. We now focus on harnessing children's curiosity through creative ways of learning.


As we participate in the ever-changing world of learning, we hold on to our promise to provide challenges and opportunities to help students acquire knowledge and ability, trust, integrity, love, empathy, and service - the core values that support all we do at the school.


Today, we are happy to say that we offer an education and a learning environment that challenges students to excel in their learning and grow as creative, committed people of character. Our programmes in athletics, arts, speech, and debate, and other areas of enrichment help students at Kingston engage with the world outside of school.

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# 50/2 & 3, Ist A Cross
Veeranpalya, Arabic College Post, Close to Manyatha Tech Park.
Near BEL Office - Petrol Bunk,
Bengaluru - 560 045

location Ph No : +91 98866 50012
Ph No : +91 98866 00730
Mail : info@kingstonhigh.in
Website : http://kingstonhigh.in/
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com kingstonhigh.in

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Toddlers’ Zone Pre school is a Feeder School to Kingston High.