School Enterprise Programme

The School Enterprise Challenge is a free educational programme that teaches business and life skills. It supports teachers and students to plan and set up real businesses at their school.

There are so many reasons to take part in the School Enterprise Challenge! It is a practical programme which enables young people to develop skills which are not covered in the classroom (experiential learning). It also provides teachers with real-life examples to bring their teaching to life and allows them to develop new teaching practices (experiential teaching). All participants in the programme are part of a global community of enterprising schools which provides lots of inspiration and is a place for collaboration and sharing of best practices.

For the students, it provides them with a practical experience running a real business and develop their entrepreneurial skills such as creativity, analysis, financial management, growth mindset and their life skills of communication, teamwork, leadership, and problem solving skills.

We have registered for the programme and very soon the students and teachers will be involved in submitting their business plan.

The Kinston High pride students developed environment based website view here

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