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For admissions to Grade 1 and above, please call the school office on 9886600730

Our Story

About Kingston High School

Kingston High School, founded in 2013, is at the threshold of a decade of providing meaningful education to children. Since its inception, Kingston High has fostered a learning environment that equips its students to be prepared for a dynamically changing world, through the development of skills and values to face any challenge they might encounter.

The school is built on a large two acre campus in North Bangalore with modern facilities to create a learning environment that facilitates academic, physical, social and emotional development of a child.

We believe that classrooms must make provision for different ability levels, skills, and learning styles and hence lay a strong focus on differentiated instruction, activity-based learning, and hands-on learning that supports an enduring understanding of the learned concepts. We also make provisions to assess our children through various assessment tools and strategies and thereby give a plethora of opportunities for our learners to showcase their learning.

As we participate in the ever-changing world of learning, we hold on to our promise to provide challenges and opportunities to help students acquire knowledge and ability, trust, integrity, love, empathy, and service - the core values that support all we do at the school.

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