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For admissions to Grade 1 and above, please call the school office on 9886600730

School Policies

Minimum Homework

With students spending most of their waking hours in school and since the syllabus calls for hands-on work in the class, minimum homework is given. There is a Homework Time-table. Students in the Lower Primary School do not take more than three subject books home everyday. Homework, if given, is given on some days, on other days students’ books are sent for parent’s scrutiny. In Kindergarten very little work is sent home.

Light Bags

Since minimum homework is given, students keep most of the books in school and take home books required for study only, thus carrying light bags.

Equal Opportunity

The school conducts different programmes and every child is given the opportunity to participate in them.


Students’ safety is a priority in school. At any given time, there is active supervision in school and on the field. CCTV cameras are installed. Sending of students home is carefully monitored. A lady attendant accompanies students in the School buses. No person without permission or without a proper ID is allowed into school.

Teacher-student Relationship

There is mutual respect for each other. The teacher understands the abilities of every child and recognizes every student’s effort in the work he/she does, in academics as well as extra-curricular activities. There is no undue pressure on students to secure high marks, yet they are encouraged to work to the best of their abilities and are encouraged to maximize their potential. With this support students begin to trust their teachers. Trust begets confidence and confident learners are the ultimate goal of education at Kingston High.

Collaboration of Home and School

The Management, staff and parents work in unison for the betterment of students. Information is communicated effectively to parents through circulars, through the Edumerge App. The Edumerge App gives parents information about their child’s attendance, homework, progress report and upcoming events. The school fee is also payable through the Edumerge App. The school also collects feedback from parents during the Parent Teacher Meetings to help the school serve its stakeholders better.
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